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I am a new old pilot. Earned my PPL in July this year at 55 years old. Starting work on my IFR now with 125 hours and landed a dream job with Hangarbot selling their product nationwide. I get paid to fly around and talk aviation and our cool product. I’ve been looking at aircraft since before obtaining my PPL but now it is a serious search. I have flown a 172 and 182 to this point. My mission requirements are going to be mixed but some will be long cross country to events to represent the company. It will mostly be by myself in the plane but I want to be able to go place with friends on personal time. I am 6 Ft tall and 180 pounds. May be able to trade or work deals for upgrades with hangabot products. I have seen numerous Sr20 and SR22 aircraft that look like they would work but am looking for good advice on what to avoid etc on my first purchase. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi John and Welcome to COPA!
You’ve come to the right place. You will get lots of information from thousands of experienced Cirrus pilots.

Let me preface that I am not an expert, nor did I stay at Holiday Inn Express last night…

When you say “long cross country”, do you mean 3 or 4 hours , or New York to California?
If you are going to be doing the long Cross countries you should at least have inadvertent ice protection which means 2004 or later SR 22. If you want certified Flight Into Known Ice (FIKI), I think you will have to go with a G3 or later (2009?). I also recommend that you get your Instrument Rating too.

I used Savvy Prebuy when I bought my plane. I am not an expert on planes so it was nice to have their help.

Finally, I highly recommend that you join COPA. Most members don’t monitor the guest section. You will find a ton of information over here!

Good Luck

Oh, and be sure to change your name in your profile. Our terms of use require members to use their real name, not a handle. :+1:


Thank you sir. I will join the forum. With a name like John Jackson the John6 was assigned when I was signing up. Hahaha. I was able to change it. Yes sir the cross country could be from Austin TX area, my home base, to Corp in LA or fly ins or shows to promote the product. I just completed my requirements for starting IFR and plan on doing that and commercial because I was told it would help on insurance rates.

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I fly a g1 sr22, I’m 6’3 230lbs, I am comfortable in my plane. In fact, a csip I fly with regularly, is the same size as I, and we fit well in my 22.
Either plane(20 or 22), will not be a problem for you.
Please elaborate on your product, and COPA loves discounts for its membership!:wink:

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I just started with a company call Lynk Remote Technologies. Our Specific line of product for Aircraft Market is Called Hangarbot.
We have a complete line of hangar automation products. All operate from your smart phone and can be preset to operate or turned on and off from your phone. You can direct connect to your Tanis preheater and cabin warmer or purchase that from us as well. We are teamed with them to sell their product with ours. We have remote view security cameras that will alert you by motion activation if someone walks by your aircraft. You can plug in your battery tender to one of our outlet units that will let you start to charge 12 hours before you arrive instead of having to leave it on all of the time. Basically anything through a plug can operate on one of our units. You can also have your own wifi in your hangar through our HUB and do updates to your flight plan while you preflight. Oh and the best one is we have a hangar door opener that works from your phone so by the time you arrive at your hangar from fueling up the door is open and ready for you!! I can offer a 10% discount on products through a code if someone sees something on the website and then contacts me before they order.

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So, your product sounds awesome! Would love to see reviews. My home base does not provide electric…for now, but this sounds interesting.
Please join the club, and speak to one of the “powers that be” to put your offering on the partner page!

I’m based in Austin area (GTU). If you’re truly flying across the country (LA in CA or LA as in Louisiana?) then I’d say you would want the extra speed in the 22. But if it’s close (like Louisiana) the 20 is probably fine. I have a G2 20 and it is great to fly and very economical.

If you want to talk about the 20 more or Austin related stuff shoot me a PM.


Yes Ca. But I think most of my trips will not be that long. I’m really thinking 22 but would love to talk with you since you sound happy with your 20. I like the thought of maybe buying a little newer 20 than having to get less 22. If you can email me direct at john@lynkremote.com that would be great. I was just at GTU yesterday. We are thinking about building some hangars there since you can’t find anything within 100 miles of Austin. I live in Taylor and our wait is worse than GTU.


I came on to join this morning but not sure where to do that. I will work on that today and hopefully be signed up here in a bit. Thanks for your encouragement. It really is a cool product.

If you are thinking 22, then get a 22. I was thinking 22, got a 20 (loved it) but couldn’t shake my 22 envy. Ended up upgrading to a 22. :smiley:

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Hello Tony

I completed my sign up this morning. How do I go about getting my company discount info for members listed under the Advantage program?

Hi John and Welcome!!

I am copying the IT team here – I will see want I can find out for you,

Tony Sobczak


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text or call 608-444-6629

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Thanks Tony. Hans contacted me and it is in the works. Your site response is awesome. Thank you for your help.

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Just want to say what a pleasure it has been so far on your site. You guys have a home run here. Everyone I have had any reason to deal with has been spectacular. Even other members have been awesome. Sanjay from a post above gave me a great amount of education and info and every post reply has been really helpful. I am looking for my first plane as originally stated in this post and I must say the experience on this site has convinced me to focus my search on Cirrus. Thanks to all. It is nice to find something that is much more than advertised.


As I recall, you’re one of the increasing number of folks who started on the Facebook Group and then very wisely figured out why so many of the experienced members who are actual COPA members encouraged you to “drop on by.” We’ve all been “looking for that plane” at some point or another, then found the Cirrus, and then COPA. They make a terrific airframe and COPA gives you the community of like-minded folks eager to help enjoy it to its safest and best levels.

Either that, or we’re a cult. After 15 years, I haven’t figured that out yet. :grin:

Best regards,

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