Just found out I have to make a meeting in mid-town at 1030 tomorrow (4 Nov). Can someone tell me the most efficient way to get there (read shortest total time)? I will depart the DC area (Manassas - HEF) tomorrow morning. I’ve dropped pax at EWR a couple of times (mid-week & mid-day), it was fairly painless and they didn’t seem have much trouble getting into town. I’ve heard the horror stories about TEB so I’m leary, but I’ve also heard that it might be closer. All things considered (likelyhood of getting ‘spun’ around the sky, ease of parking & getting to a cab or limo, traffic into the city, etc.) which is the best option? I’ll go in IFR and plan to RTB the same day (leaving the city NLT 1430). I’ve read the previous posts but they didn’t really give me a good feel as to which option is most efficient during ‘rush hour’. Thanks. Jack

On my one trip to The City I used TEB with no problem. I gave a PIREP at the end of a thread I started to ask the same question you asked. [:)]

I’d go with TEB. A little closer to mid-town, anyway. If you’re going downtown, then EWR might be closer.

While it is hardly oriented to light singles, TEB is more light-GA friendly than EWR.

Atlantic Aviation probably is easiest to find and has the best parking for non-jet traffic (“the infield”).

I always go to Signature at EWR, I find it painless and the closest to town. Taxi waiting when I arrive. No problems and easy vectors in for the short runway. Have fun.