SR22 Partnership in Southern CA

In light of the recent SR20 delays in production (I am SR20 #357) I am thinking of forming a partnership of 3-4 pilots in a SR22. I would want to base at VNY or Whiteman Airport. If you are interested, my email is There would most likely be money spent toward buying an existing contract to obtain an airplane sooner.If any of you out there have a SR22 contract and are looking for partners, there is 2-3 of us ready to jump on something. My name is Jim Campbell and my home number is (818) 366-7877

Hey Jim,

I realize this is an ancient post, but I’m looking for a partnership situation in an SR22 in VNY or WHP right now, if you know of anything.



Now u got us all curious if a post response from 15 years ago became fruitful in your search … Keep us in the loop… Perhaps Jim has graduated to flying an eclipse by now?

Here’s some more information on Jim from only 8 years ago. [:)]

I am potentially open to a partnership at KSMO but I would want someone with 400+ hours of total time, ideally with most of that as Cirrus time. If the circumstances were really perfect, I’d consider moving to KVNY. If that describes you, please PM me.