Panel Questions for 6 pack SR22

One thing to keep in mind as you step up from a Tiger to a SR22.

In addition to getting a much more capable aircraft, you’ll also be signing up for much more expensive mantinance.

Don’t know your budget and your expectation, but just be prepared for it!

Big question for you is how much IFR flying you plan to do. If its little or none, the big loss on the PFD is probably the fuel totalizer if you decided to use Foreflight for your SA. The totalizer is a pretty big loss to me now that I’m used to it, but I used to own a Grumman Yankee, and if the Tiger’s fuel gauges are anything similar you might not realize what you’re missing out on and be OK with it.

If you are flying IFR, you’ll get conflicting advice. Some people like me say you’re crazy to depend on a non tso’d portable device that shuts down when it gets too hot for your approach plates when a very capable georeferenced certified and installed MFD is available. Other people swear by Foreflight and don’t even subscribe to the MFD data. It all depends on where you cone down in that debate as to how much its worth to you for IFR.

Not with BlueMAX running on the iPad. It automatically tracks the fuel used per tank (not just the total for both). Check out the image of my panel above showing the fuel remaining per tank on the iPad.

Which is why my panel has a certified Aspen MFD MAX which addition to MFD functions, including approach plates, it is a fail-over for the PFD. I basically have two MFDs. That being said, my mounted iPad has yet to overheat.

Good point, a BlueMAX is definitely on my wishlist.

Of course an Aspen is an upgrade on the Avidyne MFD for sure and even over the Avidyne PFD/MFD combo for the failover capability and probably a bunch of other reasons. I would probably go that way if Avidyne didn’t keep stringing me along so effectively with Vantage.

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