Panel Questions for 6 pack SR22

We have the opportunity to acquire a 2003 SR-22 with six pack panel. It has the Avidyne MFD, steam gauges for engine and STEC 55 AP.

Currently fly a Grumman Tiger with Aspen Max 1000, G5 as standby, GTN-650, EI CGR-30P engine monitor, hardwired Aera 760 as backup and GDL 52 for ADS-B in and music.

Avionics shop is recommending two GI-275s to replace 6 pack and swapping in GTN650.

Hoping to get some feedback on past efforts to update a panel from this era. Very happy with the Tiger panel but thought it useful to ask here if replicating that made the most sense for this Cirrus.

One big question is what that Avidyne MFD actually does for you…

I had a 2002 for 5 years… 6 pack.

I upgraded 1 430 to 650. Best and most economical I agree with your shop… you cant beat 2 275’s.

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I had a similar one awhile back, we went with dual G5’s, but that was right at/before the GI275, which would be a great alternative. Dual GTN650’s or 750/650 are a great upgrade {as well as IFD’s I guess}, but you might also consider doing the audio panel, transponder, and autopilot {DFC90} while you are at it.

In terms of the MFD, mine came with the MFD removed and replaced by an iPad mount. I have a different plane now that is dual Avidyne PFD/MFD and quite honestly, if I ever lose my PFD, I may consider just going the iPad mount again.

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Thx for info. What exactly does that generation of MFD provide? Do you give up anything going to an iPad?


Sam Boyle

Other option is Aspen. If you search Aspen, there are great threads on pros and cons behind the firewall.

What you propose is a great solution. As to radios, if you want another 630 down the road it requires wiring. Its cheaper to pay the labor once in the long run.

You’ll want to join COPA if you’re buying the plane. You’ll need the advice.


I dont believe you sacrifice much to be honest from the early MFD’s, at least nothing you cant replicate on the iPad. For sure you lose:

  • Engine page - You have analog gauges for primary functions, you may need a JPI/similar for detailed engine and/or I have seen 3rd party modules that can be installed to allow that info on the iPad.
  • Checklists - But ForeFlight and other apps can provide this
  • Fuel totalizer - So trip/fuel functions wont be available

You gain:

  • Much better maps/charts/etc
  • Both ADSB and XM weather options
  • Synthetic vision
  • “Backup” PFD
  • All the other features of ForeFlight or Garmin pilot that you probably use via an iPad anyway in the cockpit
  • If the iPad dies, its hundreds of dollars vs the thousands of dollars the Entegra will cost to replace or repair.

The more I talk about it, the more I am convinced if mine dies, just put in the iPad mount! {knock on wood}

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Hi Sam
speaking as someone who has replaced the 6 pack in one (non-cirrus) airplane, and completely revamped/replaced the 6-pack in a G1 Cirrus.

RE replacing the 6 pack instruments
Both GI-275 and G5 are good instruments.
You will have to look at the 275 capabilities ‘outside’ the 6pack functions - as it was newer than the G5 and interacts with other Garmin stuff slightly differently.
I chose the G5 because it was the only one available - but even now, would choose it over the 275
For me - easier to read the info on it (there may be a miniscule increase in the real-estate because of the square display)
May not matter if you are not trying to have it be a PFD replacement - and will be using 2 of them.

But if I were to replace ‘all’ the 6 pack - or even most of it - then I would consider:
Aspen - one tube does a great job by itself, but most folks who have installed them have gone with at least 2 units - then its fully replacing the full 6 pack
I find them easy to read and use - the symbols and info on the screen are of good size, and the buttons are easy to manipulate; labels are intuitive
And Aspen seems to work well with the two main newer autopilots out there - DFC 90 and Garmin
I think I remember reading on our forum that the Aspen works well with the STEC 55x.
(Of course you can also go the full replacement route - Garmin 500 or Avidyne packages -but lots of money)

RE radios
You will not go wrong with either an Avidyne 440 or Garmin 650 type replacement
But they do have differing ‘logic’ and training to learn it.
And consider - the ability to ‘mix and match’ companies (ie one Garmin, one Avidyne) will cause issues and limit your future path to upgrades - I would say the days of mixing units are gone.

As mentioned - going with the Garmin 650 will require re-wiring; and if I did that I would do both radios at once. Lots of utility to having the same radio (either company) in both slots.

Hope this helps

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NexAir has an option to install an Avidyne PFD in place of the 6 pack instruments and they can do the EMAX engine monitoring at the same time. Also a good time to upgrade to the DFC90 autopilot. Not as inexpensive as dual GI-275’s, but much less than something as elaborate as a Garmin panel and you have many options of upgrades with the PFD/MFD system. It’s an older system, but there are thousands of Avidyne equipped Cirrus’ flying and it gets the job done remarkably well. Dave or Brian at NexAir can walk you through the different options available and with their airplane pickup and delivery service, it doesn’t really matter where you’re located. We did this upgrade on our 2001 SR20 and couldn’t have been happier with it.

Good luck!


I have several hundred hours behind (a) Dual G5s, (b) GI 275s, and (C) Aspen PFD1000.

They are all great units - the G5s are the simplest but with great visibility and affordability.

The Aspen is best for screen size, and the speed and screen clarity of the new MAX units, especially with synthetic vision, is really nice.

The GI275 is a truly incredible unit - very powerful with amazing screen quality and lots of flexibility and redundancy. A great ecosystem for expansion.

Future considerations:
I know the GI275s do NOT work with the DFC90 autopilot, which is my opinion is an incredible upgrade to the STEC. I don’t believe the G5 will either. Both the G5 and GI275 work with the Garmin GFC500 autopilot out of the gate, which is about $15-25k installed depending on options.

I believe the GI275s do work with the STEC.

I don’t believe the G5s will work with non-Garmin GPS/Comms, though I may be mistaken.

The Aspen works with the DFC90 but last I checked did require some sort of unlock fee.

If a DFC90 is in your future the only Garmin PFD that works with it in a Cirrus is a G500TXi.

A lot of intersecting decisions… important to decide where you’re taking the plane’s avionics in the future as you choose a replacement PFD.

On the topic of autopilots, I prefer the Garmin GFC500 to the DFC90, but only marginally. And a lot of that is due to Avidynes refusal to provide ongoing warranty coverage and the flat fee repair if your DFC90 goes down.

I have been in this debate myself… currently leaning toward a future of 3 GI275s including their EIS and a GFC500 autopilot to replace the DFC90, with a large panel mounted iPad to replace the MFD…

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I upgrade my G1 with dual IFD440s, DFC90, PMA 450b, Lynx 9000+, Aspen 2000 MAX and an iPad plus BlueMAX engine monitoring. The iPad plus BlueMAX far exceeds the Avidyne MFD.


Shameless plug. My plane just went on the market and might fit your needs. Listing:


That’s what I would do. The Entegra is still a great system.


Not a shameless plug. A great deal and well maintained plane. Snap it up! Yeah, I know, others are cheaper, but after you fix the “unkown, unknowns,” this is a great deal!

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Are you moving up, down, or sideways?


You’re checking off the list nicely. Prop seal comes next. :sunglasses:

I’d rip off the band aid on the Sandel. Your non WAAS 430 radios aren’t supported anymore either. They will have to be re-wired to support any other radio.

I dont think the 430 can provide more than VOR and ILS to Garmin G5, but ask. I still have a 430 non-WAAS (with a 650xi), and thats all I get into my G500txi from the 430. Not sure about Aspens.

Like you, I planned to just fly the six pack. Sandel issues drove a change of course. What to do is mind numbing. Decision tree is Avidyne or Garmin radios. Then what works with what and 55x, unlock fees, etc. i think its possible to get a couple G5s or Aspen and 1 radio for $25-30k ballpark. Its cheaper long run to replace both radios, but it adds $10k.

Good luck.

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Sam, I just upgraded a 2003 SR22 from original 6 pack incl. Sandel 3308 and Avidyne EX5000 MFD to a G500TXi, Gi-275 and an iPad running Foreflight for the MFD. Had previously upgraded the dual 430’s to dual 650’s to accomplish ADS-B and WAAS. Very happy with the simplicity and literally zero loss of functionality.


I guess sideways. I absolutely love my G1, it just doesn’t fit my mission anymore. I’m no longer flying longer trips so something lower and slower seems to make the most sense and most fun. :grinning: @Ross_Robillard has me even thinking about a tailwheel for back country. The wife may not agree :thinking:.

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I have a very nice 2015 Husky for sale … and you know what kind of panel you get with a NexAir aircraft :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

NexAir Avionics


Yeah, no kidding. You left no dollar unspent😉
Please post some pictures, you did well, I think Dave and team did that? For others considering avionics upgrades choose your installer wisely. It’s easy to take things apart, it’s a lot harder to put them back together again.

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Have that exact configuration in my 2002, with a pair of 275’s installed by the previous owner. Love them. It’s a great upgrade option for the older Cirri. Happy to discuss in more detail with you if that would be helpful.

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We are up to about 30 TXi upgrades :wink:
NexAir Avionics

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