Need CFI checkout SR20 at VNY

Hi All,

First post and new to Cirrus. I am a 300 hour pilot with recent instrument rating. I have about 200 hours in Mooney M20C and have just purchased an SR20. I will be picking it up on Monday at the Van Nuys airport. I need a CFI to do a check out with me on it.

Anyone with a good amount of Cirrus time available for that?

Let me know. Thanks!

Jason Price Mach 1 Aviation on the field at VNY, West side in Signature building. Great guy, Great pilot. Tons of Cirrus Time

Congrats on the new purchase - awesome plane!! Most people will respond to encourage you to do the full Cirrus Transition training with a CSIP so you have the time to get familiar with the plane. Lots of great options here on COPA!

Welcome to the Cirrus Family! :slight_smile:

I agree with the other two responses. Jason is top drawer, an excellent choice. And doing a full transition with him is a great investment in tome and money. Good luck and welcome to Cirrus ownership.


Welcome to COPA! You are going to love the Cirrus, which is truly a Joy to fly.

Here is some great information for new Cirrus Pilots.


Hi Eric,

I too recommend Jason Price or Erin Tomerlin at Mach One. Are you keeping your plane at VNY? I have a 22 and am based there, so let me know if I can help.

Thanks for the info! I have transition training set up with Jason the day I pick the plane up.