Cirrus Rental or Partnership in Orlando area

Hi there,

My wife and I just moved to the Orlando area from SoCal. We were with Ourplane (2004 Cirrus SR22 w/ Avidyne) for 5 years in SoCal, before they went bust.

Now, we’re looking for either a rental situation or perhaps a partnership in the Orlando area. If there is anyone that has or knows of anyone that might be interested in renting their Cirrus in the Central Florida area, please let me know.

We have owned airplanes since 1994 and we’re very safe pilots and we don’t hurt airplanes. Ratings are Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine and CFII.

Thanks much and take care,

Ray and Erica

not sure if you’re still looking but one other gentleman and I own a 2005 SR22 Signature Edition and are looking for a partner or two.

Yes, we’re still looking for something close to us.

Feel free to call me at 714-488-7868

Take care,


Hi there,

You can call me at (714) 488-7868 or email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!


I live in Lake Mary and am looking to start training soon. CAPS makes the cirrus a strong winner for my wife as a goal aircraft to purchase. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the flight schools in the Orlando area?

Do you know of any Cirrus partnerships in Sarasota?