M15: Early Registration Cut-Off/ COPA Living Friday Night Event

A friendly reminder that the early registration cut off is August 14th- Registration is still at a record pace and while we are trying to get a bigger block of rooms at the $179 rate, you are encouraged to sign up early as we only have about 100 rooms left at the $179 (plus resort fee and tax) rate.

Also, your Migration Planning team is very excited to announce a new COPA Living Event for Friday night. While the planning is ongoing, you Migration team is busily working on an exciting, fun filled evening for our attendees and guests. There will be no charge for COPA members and their guests, Sponsors and Session speakers for this event. We will announce the location and evening’s plan once they are finalized, which we anticipate to be in about a week or so.

So Register Early and Register Often!! Don’t miss what looks to be one of the best Migration’s ever!!

Your Migration Planning Team

Is it safe to register below 500 AGL? [:P]


Yes, but no gear up landings:

I thought Friday night was the Cirrus Life party? Did that get cancelled?

Cirrus notified us last week that they would not be putting on the Cirrus Life Friday Night Event at Migration 15. The COPA Board and Migration Planning team is excited to have the opportunity to put on an exciting COPA Living Event in its place. Stay tuned for details.

Cirrus notified us last week that they would not be putting on the Cirrus Life Friday Night Event at Migration 15.

Bill thanks to you and the rest of the M15 team for taking care of an unexpected bump in the road.

And boy, do we know how to party!

Has this happened before? As a first time attendee I’m curious. Thanks.

NOooooo. Don’t do it !!! Don’t register.

If you wait 6 days, the registration fee will go up for M15 Migration. So wait . . . till the last minute.


You could register now, and make the savings a tax deductible donation to our Safety and Education Foundation.

Just signed up to beat the deadline.

Noticed absence of a few of the usual old men on the attendee list. The hallways won’t smell the same without y’all. (Glad to see your name on the list, Dr. Jery “One-R” Seckler.)

What’s going on?

We regret to inform you that the cut off time noted was established in Zulu time (GMT). As the direct and proximate result of your procrastination, your discount has been revoked and a penalty instituted that can be satisfied by the purchase of appropriate beverages for all attendees.


Looking forward to seeing you again. It’s been too long…