Old long post truncated, maybe?

Hello, I was looking at an old thread and it looks to me like the original article has been truncated. There is discussion in the thread about all kinds of things that do not seem to be mentioned in the first post to the thread. Also, Mike warns that this is a long story, and it doesn’t seem to me that it is all that long.

The thread is https://forum.cirruspilots.org/t/smoke-in-cockpit-very-long/53940. The first post ends right after a picture of some fire trucks, though I’m pretty sure the original goes on to discuss what caused the fire in the cockpit.

Might be just me and I’m reading it wrong. Or maybe I’m doing something dumb. Any thoughts?


Clearly seems truncated to me, as well. For example, just a couple of posts down from the original, someone mentions a photo of Mike on a stretcher, which isn’t in the original post. Perhaps it had been removed via an intentional edit, or perhaps there was some truncation of the post in the move to the Discourse-based system. Either way, great catch. Hopefully the admins can enlighten us all.

If in fact this topic was truncated, this may have been an unintended consequence of our migration to the Discourse forum software, we’re lookin into it.


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