No room at the Inn

I was just able to get freed up to attend Migration. Of course, there are no rooms available. I will be coming solo. Is anyone interested in sharing a room?

If not, there are a few other hotels in the area I believe. Cab from the strip should be about $20 I think.

If all else fails, there’s a place just outside of Vegas. They normally don’t have daily rates, but you might ask, and it might even be more fun than M12


I know that it’s far less convenient, but I’d look outside of GVR at this point. Either rent a car for a few days or use a cab as Gordon suggested.


I was also unable to reserve a room at GVR. I made a reservation at the Hilton Garden Inn which is a few miles away and rented a car. There is also a Hampton close by.

My guess is that 1 or 2 rooms will open up as there are always a few late cancellations but when I spoke to GVR a couple days ago they were not making a standby list.

Maybe someone from the Migration Committee can talk to them about a standby list.

Thomas, a stand-by list sounds like a good idea … but that probably won’t happen. The reason GVR doesn’t have a stand-by list is that they don’t need it to rent the room. There are people willing to pay $500 to rent the same rooms that we got for $160 (plus tax, of course). Like your original suggestion, given that the rooms are rented at GVR, I’d try booking somewhere close by and renting a car.


Misleading photo, counselor. The Bunny Ranch is in Northern Nevada (Mound House). In Southern Nevada (Pahrump) is the world famous Chicken Ranch. Let’s keep the “ranches” straight. [H]

Besides the Hampton and Hilton Garden, there is a very nice, newish, boutique sized resort hotel nearby, The M. It has full casino, spa, pool, and other amenities. If you choose the Hampton, pretend you’re with Quality Candy Company (maybe drop my name if asked). We have a ridiculously low corporate rate with them, something like $69/night. Not for publication outside my COPA friends. Quality Candy corp address is 3535 Executive Terminal Drive, Suite 100, Henderson, 89052 702-565-4711. If they call to check, ask for Laurie or John.


I of course, have no direct experience on this subject other than hearsay information. But I knew some real aviator with in depth experience would speak up.

COPA Thanks you. I thank you, and the original poster thanks you.

Pierre, Dennis is on the thread! What were you thinking! [:D]