Upgrade to Geneva Suite available at Green Valley Ranch

I was hoping to make Migration a family trip this year, but unfortunately work demands have intervened and I will be coming stag. I had booked the 2200 sq ft Geneva Suite to accommodate family, baby-sitter, etc. but now don’t need all the space. If anyone would like to trade up, I will happily take any room and give the space to another family.

Very good choice for anyone with a reluctant partner – it will make it an event to remember!

For the price of that suite, you may be better off posting in the Eclipse owner’s forums [:P]

Curtis. Call the hotel. Some rooms got released as of a few minutes ago.

I just called the hotel and was told no COPA rate ($160) rooms available for 10/9 departing 10/12 but standard room rate room at $720 per night is available.

That’s one heck of a weekend jump! Just for kicks I checked 10/7 to 10/9 and it was only $175 all in. You’d think it’s AirVenture or something. [;)]

My room at the Hilton which is about 2 miles away is $132 per night. I booked this as a backup thinking someone from COPA would cancel and I could pick up their reservation at GVR but so far that has not happened.

The Hampton rate was a little lower. Pierre offered his company discount which cut the rate at the Hampton to around $70.

Please let Marilyn know that Ceci will miss seeing her and the baby at M12.

Looking forward to catching up in a few days.