Opening up 17 more rooms @ GVR for Thur-Sat!

Because of the way GVR’s reservation system works, as of Tuesday or Wednesday (of this week), our room block shows FULL on Friday with only two rooms still available for Thursday and Saturday. I’m straightening that out this morning. And, I expect that will result in 17 more rooms being available. So, if you haven’t made your room reservations at Green Valley Ranch yet, please stand by…


OK. As of late Friday afternoon, there were a few rooms left at GVR - about 10 for Thurs, Fri, & Sat. Latch onto one before they go away!


According to a receptionist at GVR, as of today all the COPA rooms are booked.

Wow! The last few went in a hurry. [;)]


It’s nice to stay at the GVR for Migration attendees, but if GVR is booked, I think there’s another hotel or two somewhere in the area. [;)]

My schedule changed so that attending Migration is now a possibility however I called the GVR and was told no more rooms available from Thursday through Sunday. They said they were not taking names for a wait list.


I’m happy that your schedule opened up so that you can attend Migration. And, you’re right - “no more room at the inn”. Perhaps, someone staying off-site can offer a suggestion…


Well, I hear there may be some other hotels in the general area…

same thing just happened to me. Just freed up schedule. They do have availability Thur for $700

I will be solo. Anybody interested in splitting a room??