Go to Migration sans hotel room?

Hi. I’m so excited that this year’s migration is so close to home. But we have a place and a car in Vegas and I’d like to know if there is any discount option for people who don’t need the hotel? Love the Green Valley Resort but it just doesn’t make sense to stay there while our home sits empty and could use some upkeeping.


The price to register and attended Migration is an all inclusive fee for the event, banquet and other stuff itself. That price does not include a room, which we have a block of nicely discounted rooms available to book.

So, by all means, please come to the event and just choose not to stay at the hotel. Not a problem at all.

OTOH, if what you’re getting at is a slimmed down package and pricing, we don’t offer quick drop by packages for one hour drive by’s. We think there is high value to the educational and social opportunities and encourage folks to attend as much of the event as possible. That is 2 1/2 days of events, presentations, member meetings, convention center and fun and I assure you that you can’t cover it all even if you stay there.

Love to see you there.

Thanks Roger. That cleared things up perfectly for me. See you there!

I literally spit coffee out of my nose, I laughed so hard! Thank you Roger for wit and sense of humor!![Y]

The packages that are available can be found here :


We offer three day, two day and one day options. As Roger said, there is a lot to see and learn between the Sessions and the Trade show and the Social Events are a lot of fun.

Is there a cutoff date for registrations? I need to make a last minute decision on this-- can I still buy a ticket in like early October?

Gee golly willikers. You fly a fancy airplane. Just register for Pete’s sake. If you can’t make it, you can just donate the admission ticket to the homeless.

At this point you have missed the early bird discount. We do allow late registrations but the entry gift may be in short supply for late registrants. Also rooms become very hard to get, last I heard there were only 40 left.