Announcing COPA M16- October 11-14, 2018 Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa, Las Vegas Nevada

As Chairman of the M16 Committee, it is my pleasure to announce the M16 will be held October 11-14 at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada (it’s technically in Henderson, but, hey, it’s Vegas). GVR is a short ten minutes from the Henderson Airport and a ten minute drive to the Strip.

Many more details to follow, but expect a fun filled Thursday-Saturday. M16 will offer the opportunity to see your old friends and make new ones. And for those whom have never attended, we encourage you to stay tuned for more announcements to see what a spectacular event this will be.

Sounds great and thank you for getting this out. Looks like a great location and probably our biggest get-together yet!!! Looking forward to the rest of the info to follow.


Cool! Looking forward to attending my 2nd Migration!

We did it before . . . we’ll do it again.

Good location congrats.

Great location!

Could some western flyers post some of the best routes for us “flat landers” with NAs to use to get there?

Very nice! Looking forward to it, and seeing everyone there.


Proceed to directly over Pike’s Peak, then direct Henderson [:P]

Seriously, if I could cross the Rockies in my SR20, a 22 is a cakewalk.

For you cheeseheads, the two best routes are IFR (aka, “I Follow Road”):

  1. I-80 over Wyoming, SLC Utah, then south; or
  2. I-40 over Albuquerque, Kingman, then up the Colorado River. Hang a left at the big dam and you can’t miss Vegas.


Julie and I are the opposite of Vegas fans. But the last Migration at Green Valley was really well-executed. We hope to make it to M16.

Maybe we c an find a better Elvis Impersonator this time. :slight_smile:

I want to know the reciprocal of Vegas.

Sanjay is a deeply thoughtful PhD professor. His wife Julie is a brilliant MD. I am a former resident of Vegas (Henderson) and still have a hangar and corporate office there. Guys like me hang out with these sort of women.

Note to Migration organizers: I have repositioned the convertible to northern NV, so this time I can’t provide the specialized transport to the “tall” passengers.

Vegas can turn a saint (Saint McG) into a sinner.

Not to mention what it does to a, um, well, “not saint” like Wolfson:

Sanjay, as much as we’d love to have you at Migration, you might be best served remaining in the academic enclave of Palo Alto. We’ll send postcards.

The rest of you, remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in . . .Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.!!!


Holyoke, Colorado.

Among the many insults embedded in your post is this doozy:

While she might be flattered by the “brilliant”, Nurse Practitioner Julie kinda views MDs as being related to Healthcare effectiveness as this gentleman is to the popularity of rock and roll.

Sorry dude. We’re here, we’re left hemisphere, get used to it!

Oh, you made my day with this announcement Bill.

I’m wondering if Green Valley is as much a misnomer as Greenland. [ip]

I mean, it is the desert after all. – [st], + [D]

It’s about the money. Green.

Yes, a based “flatlander” here in Florida, looking to attend my first migration. Love Vegas and all that’s there to do. Will look forward to posted routes before we book Southwest!

Sanjay this video made me laugh out loud and woke my wife up!