News From Unreliable Sources

I can’t speak to the factualness of any of these updates, but…

Usefull Loads should increase by abour 140 +/- lbs later this year due to modification in the certification paperwork & flight tests.

It takes about 1,200 man hours to build an SR20, which is down about 200 hours from the earlier airframes. They are working on better.

The SR22 may be unveiled at Oshkosh. I’d guess after Lancair’s announcement, they do not want to be too far behind. Isn’t competition great?

WX uplink supposed to be in place by year end. (How about the enging/fuel monitoring?)

About 11 SR20’s were sold at Sun 'n Fun. Should be closing in on 600

CD expects to deliver about 7 airframes in April and 9-10 in May.

Marty - Still #119 and waiting.

BTW, whoever said that the last 3 months is the worst, is right. For the first time since June 1996 I am believing that CD will actually be able to deliver me a plane. I still figure (hope) that I will get a November 2000 delivery and the anticipation is killing me. Especially every time I get into my 172 and watch the ground pass by at 110 kts. Hey sherrie - send me my package already!

For those folks worrying about their wives, the parachute does a lot for non-fliers. It isn’t a big issue for me, but my wife really likes the idea and several friends who won’t fly because of thier (or their wife’s) fears have indicated that they will fly in the new plane. Good luck!

Sorry for rambling.