Shoutout to this forum and its resources

I’m posting this in the Guest Forum because I want everyone to know how tremendously helpful this forum has been. I purchased a 2000 SR20 late last year and had a lot of questions. I didn’t get the help I was looking for from the seller, my mechanic or the broker I used. I was able to track down the guy, before the guy, before the guy, who last owned my plane and he really set me up. Rick Birch (AZdigs), though no longer a member of the forum, answered my message through COPA and helped me resolve several issues that even Savvy had trouble handling. My subscription has paid for itself 10x over.


I am making it my mission to be sure that all the new Cirrus drivers at my local airport are COPA members. As you found out, it’s a great resource.


Thanks for sharing your experience! I had a similar experience years ago and that is why I’m still here!

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And ditto.

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