Help! Can't renew membership

Please forward to whomever might fix this glitch.

Dan Alter


Assuming you are logged in, you should be able to click the “Join or Renew” link on the Home page under “About COPA” or under “Quick Links” on the forums page.

Without knowing any details of the problem, If this doesn’t work please phone the COPA office (702) 920-2108 and Donna will take care of you. Sorry for the trouble.



“They’ve” censored all of us who attended the Forum Decorum Forum at M6 and didn’t agree fully with the board’s positions. [;)]


I don’t even agree with my own positions half the time. The funny thing is the website returns a page with a faux stamp over the credit card information stuff that reads, “no payment necessary”.

Well then, you’re in good company here.

That’s weird. Sounds like over the phone may be the best way to handle this. Hopefully, the office can reset your membership.

Is editing not available in this forum? My smiley ended up in the wrong spot, and I didn’t see an edit option when I clicked “more.”

It wasn’t, but now it is. Thanks for spotting that, it was a permissions setting problem.

I agree. There is a problem at the site. Tried three times to join COPA and site isn’t processing properly. Someone, please fix!

We found an intermittant problem that blocked credit card authorizations on a random basis. It was fixed Friday night. If you are still having problems, please contact our office at 1-702-920-2108. Sorry for the difficulties.