Airport Courtesy Cars Gets AOPA Review

Thank you AOPA for reviewing the Airport Courtesy Car app in the February issue on page 37. The review states the app is only available for iPhone, however that is incorrect. And thanks also to AvWeb who reviewed it earlier. The app is available for Android in the Google Play Store, so you Android users, please check it out. The app is totally free and now lists over 1100 locations nationwide. And thanks to all the folks on this forum who contributed listings. Glenn

Awesome app Glenn! Thanks! I just downloaded to my Android phone.


Another quick update to the group. The app has surpassed 1200 locations and over 3000 downloads. I am now offering FBO’s the opportunity to offer pilots a fuel discount and be displayed with more contrast in the app, in exchange for a reasonable fee (In an attempt to not charge pilots for that app, but to recoup some of my costs). So if you know of an FBO that might be interested, I would really appreciate you letting them know about the app. I also have a 1 page flier if anyone would like a cop to print and post. Thanks again to this group. Glenn

Happy to report to the group another positive review today by General Aviation News:

App currently has over 1230 listings. I have added a couple important notes in the disclaimer section, please review them. Thanks again to this group for all your support. And I am now being requested by FBO’s for upgraded listings that give discounts on fuel to pilots. If you know of a FBO that might be interested, would you please let them know? Rates are very reasonable. Glenn

Forgot to mention that I can now upload your crew car pictures to the locations in the state by state listings, so if you have a picture of a crew car, email it to me to and I will get it posted. And just since the last post, the app now has over 1300 listings and over 5000 downloads. Tell your FBO where you could their car please.

Now approaching 6000 pilots using the app with over 1350 listings. And in a feeble attempt to recoup my costs, I am now offering very reasonably priced ad’s for aviation related businesses as I keep my word to keep this app free for pilots. If you or someone you know may be interested, please email me at for rates. And please tell your FBO where you found them. Thank you. Glenn