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Unfortunately, RunwayFinder was recently shut down because of a patent that FlightPrep recently was awarded. Like many patents, the patent is not new and novel but was awarded none the less and they are currently bullying these small free online resources to pay outrageous fees or shut down.

It is the free innovative sites that make flying safe, fun and exciting. I would encourage you to let Flight Prep know if you are not happy with their current strategy as it most certainly harms general aviation and adds more costs.

Here is the contact info for FlightPrep:

Avweb and many other sites have been covering this if you want to read more about it.

I will also choose not to purchase any FlightPrep software or any other products associated with Flight Prep. I just don’t feel the actions they are taking are best for aviation. I don’t mind paying for products that are innovative and unfortunately, RunwayFinder was a better product at a free price. The aviation community is relatively small and our voices can be heard loud and clear.

I agree. I don’t see any validity to this so called “patent”. Runwayfinder is awesome. Jerks.

Looks like RunwayFinder caved in to F—Perp. The site is up and running again, but clearly sports a patent license notice at the bottom. I guess its good for Mr. Parsons, since he’s out from under the legal mallet, but what a shame for the GA community and the legal system.

Updated story available on

Oh well, yet another on-line site to add to my “boycott anything and everything by Stenbock and Everson” list for my flight students and clients.

Hi Bill,

I’m not sure I agree with this. RunwayFinder is the victim, not the problem. Short of closing down (which still doesn’t relieve you from a lawsuit if past damages are involved), Mr Parsons had no other option. Expecting him to defend the lawsuit on behalf of the entire GA community is unfair.

I did not say that he should have stuck to the legal battle. Although many folks think he should have, I certainly understand the need to simply “get on with life”. On one hand, he is indeed the victim …

… on the other hand, in order to get out from under the legal battle, he “made a deal with the devil”. He entered into an licensing agreement and non-disclosure agreement which, in effect, gives increased credence (even if merely indirectly) to F…Perp’s patent claims, even though he solicited donations for legal support money based on a stated intent to fight the validity of the patent itself.

Given that he did make the deal, he should never have brought RunwayFinder back on-line. I wonder what the income stream from RunwayFinder to Stenbock and Everson is? Given my personal opinion assessment their basic personality deficiencies, I’m convinced they didn’t grant him a royalty-free license.

But, with regard to my statement which you quoted: Villain or victim role of RunwayFinder isn’t the issue. Giving any sort of support, directly or indirectly, tangible or other, to F-Perp or its owners, employees, vendors, clients, supporters, or backers IS the issue. I won’t do it, and to the limit of my personal powers of persuasion, I won’t let my students, clients, friends, employers, employees, relatives, or anyone else I can possible influence, do it either.