Help Keep Airport Courtesy Cars Running

Last November, a few people (out of thousands) complained to me that my fundraising efforts for the Airport Courtesy Cars site were too often. In response, I will only ask for donations once a year, in November.

In the past few months I have transferred all the data to a web based platform. As a result, the site will work on ANY device with no bugs, crashes, or Android and Apple permissions required. Please refer to website for more details.

The site now lists over 1,830 courtesy cars across the U.S. I receive a very small percent of my operating costs from advertisers. Most of my expenses are covered from small donations from pilots like you. I take no salary.

Please consider any donation to keep the site up and running in the coming year. Donations can be made via the secure PayPal tab on the site (you don not need a PayPal account), or by mailing your donation to: Airport Courtesy Cars. P.O. Box 85762, Tucson, Arizona 85754. All donors will be listed on the donor page (unless you request not to be). Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Please share this post with a fellow pilot who might benefit from A.C.C.’s

You can continue to email me your updates and suggestions to: Thank you, Glenn

Thanks to those of you who donated this past month and year to help keep Airport Courtesy Cars website up and running. Your names are posted on the donor page.

This month ACC’s will transform to a fully web based platform that will work on any device, bug and permission free. Just bookmark the website on your home screen.

Continued donations are greatly appreciated, along with new listings or corrections. See you next November. Glenn