New Cirrus discount

Hello I am considering a new aircraft purchase and just wondering what kind of discount would be typical on a new SR22T? It would be a straight sale no trade. The other manufacturers I have spoken to have offered up to 20% off list. I don’t know if that’s typical or if its a reflection of the market at the moment. Does anyone know if Cirrus offer similar discounts?


I do not think so. Best to just call a sales person and ask, I have heard of CA giving some equipment insteed of money off. Don

I’ve bought two planes from Cirrus. For the first one I negotiated a flashlight, the second a jacket.

If you figure out how to do better, please let me know for the next one. smile.


If you are interested in a Cirrus Aircraft, join this organization. That is just one of 100 questions about buying you will want to know. All discussed on the PAID side of this site.

You got ripped off…

I got the tailwinds package on my 1st purchase in 06’ and that included headsets, luggage set and aero shell wax and wash cleaner…

Oh wait… Hmmmm… I think I paid $1000 for that gift and it had a retail value of $3000…

On Purchase #2 in 2013, I got floor mats that were monogrammed…

Good luck on your purchase. Rumor is, the price increase for 2016 is $30k… You might be best placing a deposit in 2015 and avoid the increase… That’s worth more than luggage and …

That would be about five percent . That is about what CA has done last five years, I have a feeling there will be an upgrade of the avionics. Nothing other than a feeling, but it could be gas oh never mind it was. Don

John I’ve bought two from the factory at Cirrus and one factory Citation. You are in a negotiation, but it’s an inefficient market and you won’t see everyone else’s deals. Around the last days of a quarter is generally the best time, and, of course, it all depends on supply and demand. I don’t know what price concessions they’re likely to make, but there’s a lot of value to be had in additional warranty years and MX. If they have an airplane in production they want to sell you can generally get options already in the build that “you don’t really want” discounted out of the deal. If both sides are trying, both will find the deal.

Conversely, sometimes demand outstrips supply. A few years ago I went to Embraer to buy a P300. We toured the production line, saw a beautifully customized Powerpoint presentation, and we were ready. They had an airplane in production we wanted, with a list price of $8.2 million. I explained how we didn’t really care about the expensive optional paint, etc. and asked them to sharpen their pencil and come back with their best price. A few days later, after Netjets ordered 100 airplanes from them, they came back with their best price. $9 million!

Jeez, you could have asked them to leave off the engines and gotten it for $12 million! Heck, just get the three tires for $20 million!

That’s a Great story … … Thanks for sharing .

John,I have picked up two new Sr’s one in 2012 and my current G5. Like others have said no discounts but other incentive’s like maintenance, Warranty and equipment can be thrown in. Good luck with purchase…


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