Cirrus - New deals?

I am looking to purchase a new sr22 gts and am interested to see what type of deal (if any) I can get. Is it a list price - take it or leave it, or list price + services (like annuals etc…not sure how that would work without dealers like Cessna) or other equipment (headsets, etc…)?

I think they are advertising the 2 years of scheduled maint. now - but have seen $7,000 for training in the past - don’t know yet (will know tomorrow with my test flight!!) if that is still around or not.

Did anyone get any type of deal? (I don’t have a trade - but that would definately help if I did in the negotiation)

Thanks for the help & hopefully will become a COPA member in a month or so!



Welcome to Cirrus ownership. You will love the experience.

If you are interested in a NEW aircraft, there will be no dealing. Contact your Cirrus sales rep and find out what you can buy and what you will get. That will be it. Offer them $100 less and they will decline. That may be an exaggeration, but I don’t think so. Cirrus occasionally does have special offers but they will be publicly known to all, like the 2-year free maintenance. I have not heard of secret side deals for an individual customer.

For a used aircraft, the price is dictated by the market. Whether buying used from Cirrus or from a broker, you have to become comfortable with market prices for the aircraft you want, do all your due diligence concerning age, hours, options, condition, history etc., make an offer and see where it goes from there. You won’t mess up because all a seller can really say is yes or no. Good luck.

Jim Knollenberg SR22 1904 N5PF

When I bought my '03 factory demo, I tried to negotiate 4 pair of Bose headsets and warranty starting on the purchase date.

Long story short? I couldn’t get them to even throw in ONE lousy headset - I really got the impression they’d rather lose a sale than get into negotiating.

That said, I bought anyway!


In this slowing economy and with the decline in #'s from Cirrus, I’ll bet you can negotiate a much better deal than the 0 off deal they used to do. I would definitely haggle now.

That said, I’m betting it isn’t better than 10-20k however.

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For a used aircraft, the price is dictated by the market.


What Jim was too polite to mention was that it’s a buyers’ market for used Cirri. Nothing beats the new plane smell. But if you’re deal-minded, used is the way to go.

This is the type of question that elicits disproportionately more informed responses on the members forums. If you join up, the month’s lost interest on $65 will be made up by better information than the likes of Jim and I - not Dennstaedt-certified - can provide. (As a member you get details on this coveted certification and even start working towards it.)


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I would definitely haggle now.

It sure wouldn’t hurt to try, but I have not heard of Cirrus going along with this. If they did, the word would get out and their sales model would start to crumble.

I have been interested in how the trade-in program affects all this. The buyer of a new aircraft COULD make the purchase contingent on a trade-in allowance of $X. If Cirrus agreed in order to make the sale, it would be the same as providing a discount on the new plane if Cirrus knew they would likely take a loss on the trade-in.

Jim Knollenberg SR22 1904 N5PF

Of course they aren’t advertising it! [;)]

Deals are better on the demo planes and $20-30k plus rental return, free training (3 days will all new planes I think), maybe 3rd yr warranty, $2k coupon toward annual etc. If you wait to near the 1/4 end they are more hungry. I would think you could expect at least this on a demo.

Now given the economy sales etc, I wouldn’t buy until they gave a bit. There is also more market competition now. Less flexible on new planes, but I’m sure there is some room.

BTW all the sales end up going through your local rep so you cant call the person in another state to try to beat it.

have fun.

I got my plane and I got some $ off. It was a new 22GTS for another person who backed out. It had 70 hours use by Cirrus. I got the 70 hours at their demo rate off and something like $15K or $20K additional off that was negotiated. This was in August 2006 and they were trying to make a sales quarter I think.


I know a guy whose instructor was able to get the CSIP training with the purchase of the aircraft. I really wish I had know that when we bought ours because I would have gone for the CSIP training (being a CFII) rather than the standard training.

Oh well. Cirrus has been top notch in everything since the purchase. They allowed me to get the old tailwind package with the gas card and headsets (I had to ask several times) right after it was phased out.

By the way, I picked the plane up from our SC today because we had WAAS installed. It is AWESOME! :slight_smile: