New Callsign

I took today off from work to fly my SR22 (N464M) to G-Force Aviation, a Cirrus Service Center in Ohio. The flight is a short one from CGF to CAK (about 10 NE of Cleveland to about 10 SE of Akron, for 39nm). Because I wasn’t sure that I could stay legally far enough below the forecast ceiling, I filed and flew IFR.
Clearance and departure were normal until I was handed off to Cleveland Departure. The controller, after doing the normal stuff, and while I was trying to get CAK ATIS, started asking me about Cirri and parachutes.
Later, when he called me to hand me off to Akron-Canton Approach, he used the callsign Parachute Four Six Four Mike. Had to stop laughing before I could respond.


Marty: Maybe you should explain that that callsign applies only after you pull the chute!