Service in Ohio?

Hi, just checking the site out before I officially join.

I am currently looking for a service center in Ohio to do my 50 hour interval items soon, any opinions out there? Thanks in advance![:D]

I have always had all of my work accomplished by G-Force at CAK, and i have been pleased with their work. There is also an avionics shop as a part of the service center and they did the composite work for my WAAS conversion. But then again I do not know where you are in Ohio.

Sorry about that, I am located in Columbus, but I am willing to travel for good service.

Thanks for your opinion!


I reccomend Commander Aero at Dayton Wright Brothers (KMGY) that is a short hop from Columbus. Call Gary Comer at 937 885 5580. I have been to four different shops, none of them perfect. Gary puts up with all my questions with a smile and seems to really care about us as individuals.

They also have an attached avionics shop.

Check them out.



I have used Commander Aero with good success. Gary Commer will take care of you.


I’ve used G-Force at CAK since I bought the plane new in August 2004. I’ve been very happy with their work, including conversion of my 430’s to waas.




I am based at Million Air at KCMH and have used Gary Kromer at Commander with pretty good success rate. Nobody’s perfect though, that’s for sure, but they seem to be an honest and caring group for the most part. I am however going to give OSU a shot soon as it’s a hassle if you need to leave the plane at Dayton for anything over a 50 hour. let me know if you ever need a ride back from there or Akron. Would love to have a buddy arrangement with another Columbus area Cirrus owner to avoid having to get someone to pick me up if it has an extended stay.

Likewise, I have used Commander over the past 3+ years, having just completed another annual with them. They have always been first class in my book. They do have an avionics shop, and do composite repairs if neccessary.

Well thanks for the opinions on this post. I did not even realize that OSU had a service center. I talked with all three shops, all three seemed knowledgeable about the Cirrus aircraft. Commander Aero did seem to not be very interested in more work, other then that they seemed knowledgeable also. I think I will try out OSU since I could almost walk home from there if need be.

Thanks a gain for all the opinions…[:D]

James—you should fly over to Advanced in Lancaster, PA----worth the trip!! Contact Jim Mazzante