Most Cirri based at a single airport?

I’m curious about which airport has the most Cirri. I read a post below about Syracuse (Cirrus-cuse) with two SR22’s. By my latest count, Palo Alto (PAO) has 3 SR22’s and 1 SR20. Likely there is some airport with more than that. Any other nominees?

Kevin Moore

Kevin: I suspect the prize goes to Boeing Field in Seattle. I’ll leave it to someone who has recently trained there to specify the exact number, but I think that there are 7 SR20’s on the flight line at Wings Aloft. This web site’s database shows Tom Clary with Wings Aloft at BFI but does not show the exact number of aircraft. There is also a Michel Burke of Mercer Island, but with position number 1143 for his SR20 he still has a little wait

There are two Cirri at SQL and at least one at SJC. If there’s an award here we could move them all to the same strip and “rule”. Sorry, my SR22 tends to bring out the latent adolescent in me :>)

George Savage

I am the maintenance director for Elite Flight Center in Atlanta,
(KPDK) We currently have 2 SR20’s and 5 SR22’s, later this month I will be taking delivery of our 6th SR22 and flying it back to Atlanta. While our SR22’s are fractional ownership, our SR20’s are rentals.

My guess is that Wings Aloft does have the most. I know there are at least 4 or 5 in their rental program and one that is owned privately that is sometimes used for demos. I have not flown in a few months so I am a little out of touch. I do expect to get back to it in a month or so.

SUS in St. Louis has three - Gordon Kaufmann’s 22 partnership, Ed Crawford’s 20, and yours truly.

At SUS we don’t think counting rentals should count.



we are up to 3 at SQL; an SR20 (N???WS) has shown up next to my plane. Haven’t met the owner yet.


Well, I think we should consider some realistic figure like most cirrus per based aircraft or number of pilots. Kentucky cannot hope to keep up with Wings Aloft, Airshares or big fields in wealthy states such as Florida and California. Therefore, I propose looking at it from a “Cirrus per pilot” perspective.

My airfiield (Bowman/LOU - Louisville, KY) has 3 Cirruses - 2 SR22’s and 1 SR20. On a per capita basis, I bet we win!

Of course if we look at it from a “”# of Cirrus operations" perspective, sort of using the FAA’s traffic count philosophy, I bet Mike Radomsky’s field wins and it only has his one Cirrus!