Seattle Flying Partner Wanted

I currently rent from Wings Aloft and would like to meet one to two people in the area that are open to training and flying together with the ultimate goal that that group would purchase an SR22 in the future. We would of course all have to be members in Wings and certified in the SR20 (wings does not have a 22). The benefit is that we could train togehter and evaluate whether we would be compatable partners in an airplane. I find I have little interest in flying by myself and my family does not have very much interest in local training flying.



I’m also a member at Wings and co-owner of Cirrus 262BM, which is one of the rental SR20’s. I’ll be happy to go flying with you. But instead of an SR22, why don’t we wait until the pressurized, known-ice, 200 kt, turbo-diesel model comes out (I can only hope…)!

Tom & Michael. I too am a member of Wings and have been flying the SR20’s since they went on line. I would love the opportunity to go flying with either of you.

Best email address is probably my work address: I monitor that M-F for more hours then I want to admit.

Which airport is wings at I will be working in down town Seattle off and on and may want to get checked out.

Wings Aloft has 5 SR20’s that fly out of Boeing field. Their phone number is: 206-763-2113

Enjoy. Tom