Phoenix area

I finally got to experience flying the Cirrus 20 at a flight school in Paulwaukee Illinois. As a still-waiting position holder #553, I can say it will definitely be worth another year’s wait. Does anyone know if there are any flight schools in the Phoenix areathat have either the 20 or 22 in their fleet? I will be there for 10 days later this month, and it would be great if there was one down there. Thanks for any help!!

I live in PHX and have my 22 based at GEU. There are no SR’s for rent in the PHX area. Only a couple of units here, and all in private hands. Sorry.

I’ll be at GEU from Nov 16th till 24th (renting 182’s etc at the Global Group), so if there is any saliva on your '22, it could be mine.

Jaap Dito SR20a #683
The Netherlands (country with largest squadron Cirri outside US ?)

p.s. in case you need any unuseful load to balance the bird, i will leave my phone number at your plane, or please mail me…


Since my plane is in a hangar, you will have a hard time drooling on it. But I will make you a deal, contact me when you get here and I should be available to take you for a spin, weather and time permitting of course. My email is