I guess everyone is having too much fun to post; but, we need some news reports from the event…hows the agenda? what did we miss? any new products from vendors, etc? Please…

Probably the best of the many Mxx’s I have attended.

Thank you to all the fabulous vendors who showed up! I have no doubt I will be transferring aviation units your way in the coming months.


M14 will be in Duluth Sept 8-11, 2016


This is my first Migration (I know, right?) so I don’t have anything to compare it to. My observations:

I’m having a great time and it’s so great to see old friends and get to meet all the people that I talk to on COPA.

The organizing committee is awesome! Must have been a full time Job to organize such a great event.

Cirrus did up a great dinner last night. Our speaker was Dallas Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle. Pretty sweet.

There are mock ups parked in the hotel lobby and it’s fun to talk to the regular guests as they look at the Cirrus.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

ADS-B is still a mystery to me.

The FAA wants us to upgrade sooner than later.

As of right now there is no solution from Avidyne or Garmin to integrate 1090 and 978mhz for broadcast from the 650’s to the Avidyne MFD. I was hoping for better information. I did hear that a solution was forth coming.

Cocktails are in 10 minutes.

OMG ! Didn’t realize we were supposed to wait ! They already got my aviation units ! How did that happen ?..

Love Duluth Will mark it down to be there. Don

My first Migration, great to put faces and actual voices to the many personalities here on the blog site, that was my single greatest motivation for attending, now I ‘know’ who will be insulting, chiding and very occasionally praising me…

Lots of great conversations and lots of new friends made.

Most fun questions I asked to a few mechanicals “whats going to fail first” on my new G5…the winner a tie between Alt 1 & the Starter

Most humbling moment, lots to chose from when you are the new guy asking the dumb questions, (like what does Mil Spec mean) but the winner had to be showing Kevin May DOM at Clear Star Aviation, Addison my not so perfect cross wind landing last week videoed by a GoPro under the wing, he laughed so hard I thought he’d explode! I didn’t think it was that bad Kevin?!?!?

Best lunch, today with Alan Klapmeier, Gordon Feingold, Dennis Harber and Bill & Barbara Graham.

Most wanted extra, I liked the Boom Beam light package, loved the remote aircraft tug but bought the flythisim simulator, ‘flew it’ once and loved it!

Combined wisdom at lunch thought next years Migration at Duluth might be the last ever at the original home of Cirrus, so if I had any doubts that fact alone means I have to go!

All is well. Thank you for asking.


Knoxville Tennessee for M15, etc?



All I’ll say is that you missed a great time, Texas-style! Craig Albright, Migration Chair; Tim Valentine, our More-Than-Able “(Cow)Boy Boots on the Ground” and Craig’s Magician-In-Training and all the fantastic Migration Planners did a masterful job. Huge kudos to each and every one of them!!

Be safe and have fun,

Well put!

I could use some humility myself – haha – ok I’ll take the bait – what does Mil Spec mean?

Why do I suddenly feel I just swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker.

I saw no reference to this in the pre meeting materials – who’s doing the marketing anyway?


I think you should post that video so we can get a better look at that possible nose wheel shimmy! [H]


It looks like they’re holding you upright. Is that your empty cup on the floor??? [:P]