Migration Jackets

If you underestimated your size, and need an XL but have a large please get in touch with me. I ordered an XL which is way big on me. I’ll also sell it at the ‘extra jacket’ cost.

Just got my jacket today. I ordered size M but it’s way too large. I need a Small. Anybody wanna trade or can I exchange it?


I got an XXL, just like them a little loose. it is WAAY loose. But i really like it. Other than the zipper is left handed on mine.

You sure it’s not inside-out. [:P]

Scott and all others interested in changing sizes. We have some extras. We will trade out if we have them available before we start selling the extra’s.

If you pay the freight we will exchange them.

Scott: I will drop yours by your office in Fort Worth and swap jackets for you.

Please send me a PM with your address and we will accommodate you if we have your size in stock.

The jackets were "full cut ". They are designed to go over a sweater etc.

I used the jacket during an early morning preflight. It was 52 degrees. This jacket worked great. After I got done, my wife wanted to wear it in the plane. She wants one also.

These are great jackets, even if it is one size too big. Lightweight and warm. Perfect for leaving in the plane.

So if you have a large and a medium size, I would like to swap my XL and buy another. Thanks for all your hard work for Copa.

I love my jacket too ! It is GREAT for flying. John

Paul: Send your Jacket to 2781 CR 5050 Independence KS 67301

Include a check for $115.00 made out to COPA. 100 for the jacket and 15.00 to ship the 2 back to you.

Include a return address for your shipping…

I will save a Large and a medium for you .



Wore mine recently to Duluth, which had some temps into the 30’s and rain. Jacket worked great.

Darn folks, I don’t know how mine fits. It was 99 degrees here yesterday

I didn’t make it to migration this year however I wasn’t very impressed with last years jacket clearly and boldly being branded with “Piper” at an Exclusive Cirrus event …

Can someone post pics of the new jacket this year … Seems like a big improvement …?


Clearly you never went to the Migration web site to review all that was there. Too bad. You missed alot.

Send your jacket back and we will swap for you. Call me at 512-992-9086