Jackets, jackets, who has the M13 jackets?


As many of you already know, about half of our jackets for M13 were delayed in US Customs for some reason. [:P] So, much to everyone’s dismay, about half of the Migration attendees didn’t receive them at Check-In. Tim Valentine volunteered to coordinate shipping the jackets to all of those individuals who ordered one but didn’t receive it. (Tim has a list as well as shipping labels.) If you haven’t already gotten yours, you should receive it shortly. If you haven’t received it in the couple of weeks, send Tim a PM or post on this thread.

Please bear in mind that I’m talking about lots of jackets, and Tim is already a busy fellow. I suspect your jacket will arrive just in time for the cold weather. [;)]

Thanks for your patience!


There was a jacket left in one of the sessions at M13 and I have it in the COPA office. Send me a PM if it is yours so I can confirm ownership.


Pretty sure it’s mine, I’ll send you a PM when around a PC

Ours arrived today - thank you!

Got mine today. Thanks for all the effort.

It is an extra large. Should have ordered a large. Anyone want to trade?



As of last Wednesday (10/7), all of the jackets have been sent to their recipients! Thanks, Tim! [:)]


I think all the jackets are too large and the zippers are on the wrong side (European design). My Medium is like an extra large. I would like to trade it in for a Small if possible.