Migration 13 Jackets

Can anyone tell me when we will receive our Migration 13 jackets? My wife and I were promised they would be mailed, so so far no joy. Thanks!

I got mine in the mail last Wednesday… they were folded up in a pretty small box…

I hope yours arrive soon.

I got mine Wednesday as well. They were in a very small package envelope. I like it, other than the big texas on the front.[:P]


I’ll look into it and see what I can find out. I’ll send you a PM once I have some answers.


Greg: I’m on the road. I do not see your and your wife on the excel spread sheet that we were provided for mailing.

Please email me your address ImAV8OR@gmail.com and I will get you your jackets shipped if they have not gone out.

Greg: Please email us your address and we will ship your jackets today.