Last box of M13 Jackets finally released from customs and are on their way to U.S..

We should have our remaining M13 jackets in our hands by Monday in the U.S. They will go out as soon as we receive them. We have labels printed and ready to go.

Thank you for your patience as we deal this snafu. Some boxes made it through on time. Some came in a few days later.

My cell # is 512-992-9086 if you don’t have your jacket by 10/15/15 please feel free to call me.

We are paying the freight to get them to you to make this right.

We heard they were a big hit on the Yellowstone tour. Did anyone ( Dennis) get a picture of you all wearing them?

Actually, I was the only one wearing it.

Thanks for the update, Tim…

I appreciate your efforts.

Jackets are all here at the fulfillment center.

We had a glitch with invalid addresses. Stan is on the case fixing that on the spread sheet.

Lord willing all jackets will be shipped from the Midwest by end of day today.

Thank you for your patience.