M12 fleece vests - order window about to close!

On Thursday, Sept. 11th, we’ll pull the numbers from RegOnline and place our order for M12’s fleece vests. (Patty Sandler, our resident artist this year, has been working with the fleece vendor to ensure everything is squared away!) Of course, our initial order will be a fairly large one, resulting in a quantity discount. As a courtesy, if someone registers for Migration after Sept. 11th, we’ll certainly take their order. However, there will be an extra charge due to the small quantity and shipping. So, please register before then and avoid the hassle.


Has the Spouses’ Program, content, cost and times been defined yet? Unless I’m mistaken I haven’t seen it yet (checked forum and Guidebook). In particular, my wife would like to attend the Partner in Command which is listed only on Friday. Does that mean she must sign up for the two day registration to participate or is there a special registration for that?

Can you please post a photo or link so we can see what these vests look like?

Sure, Gordon! Please look here.


Dorian, I’ll post additional details about the Spouse Program a little later. We’re going to finalize the times next week.

With respect to your wife’s schedule (& registration), what events does she want to attend? Thursday night is COPA Cabana! The PIC course is Friday morning. Friday afternoon, we have one of our Spouse’s Programs and there is the Cirrus Aircraft party in the late afternoon/evening. Saturday afternoon, we have another Spouse’s Program. And, Saturday evening is our tradition Banquet Dinner with a very nontraditional (astronaut!) speaker. I suggest choosing a registration duration for her that encompasses the activities she would most enjoy.

I’m sorry for such a “generic” answer. But, Migration really isn’t a “smorgasbord” with the picking and choosing done on a per item basis. To make it practical to manage, it’s more calendar-based with our members choosing a specific duration (e.g., 3-day, 2-day, etc). Admittedly, that’s pretty easy for pilots since we tend to be interested in everything! However, if our spouses are only interested in COPA Cabana and the Saturday Spouse Program…

Thanks for the info Craig.