message for Arnav

To the folks at Arnav. I’m under the impression that you monitor this site, so I’d like to send you a public message:

  1. I can understand that it must be frustrating to read numerous postings where owners complain about your product or service.

  2. Try to get past that; customer feedback is useful, even when it stings.

  3. We all have something in common. We own your product, and have every reason to hope that you will be sucessful. We’re invested in Arnav.

  4. You have a tremendous opportunity to improve your relationship with your customers, and it will actually save you money also. Here’s a suggestion: acknowledge the existence of this site, and when you see a question, statement, or mistatement, respond.

You will save yourself a lot of needless phone calls, and expense.

For example, if Arnav had posted the corrected instructions for engine monitoring, with the correct pin alignment for communication with the stormscope, many man hours of installation time would have been avoided. (remember, these hours created both ill will and warranty claims)

Now, you have an opportunity to communicate regarding issues not covered in a very inadequate instruction manual.

Certainly you don’t need to respond to every posting, but doesn’t it make sense to use this tool when appropriate?

You’ve got a chance to talk directly to your customers. Use it.


David Shepard N952DS