ARNAV Update - Cirrus STC Approved

I just received this email from the folks at ARNAV. Most importantly, ARNAV just received the enginer monitoring STC for the SR20 and SR22. This should allow for installation at the factory rather than after delivery. Here is the email:

-----Original Message-----
From: Bob Morris []
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2002 7:07 PM
To: ‘Paul White’
Subject: RE: Update the file


Thank you for the PIREP below, I have not responded to your message until
now as we are getting close to the finalization of the requirements for the
upgrade to revision “H”.
We are extremely close to defining these costs but are not yet ready to
publish them. You will hear from me as soon as they are releasable.

What I can update you with, ARNAV is still on track for April 2002

Towards your question related to loaner availability this will be addressed
along with the pricing information. I need to analyze sales projected
uptake, define turn around times, the normal issues once I have all the
final information from the required departments.

New information, today (please reference attached PDF file) ARNAV received
the STC for the SR20 / SR22 engine monitoring system, as I hope you will
agree this signifies ARNAV’s total commitment to the ICDS 2000 for the long

Please be assured that you have been added to the permanent list to receive
on going updated information from ARNAV.

Best Regards,
Bob Morris
Director of Operations
ARNAV Systems, Inc.

Paul White