COPA M16- Hotel Registration is Open! Green Valley Resort and Spa,  October 11-14, 2018

I know many of you want to get an early jump and register for a room at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Las Vegas under our block rate:

(Please note that the resort will add a $20 Resort fee per night and will charge tax of 14%.)


PLEASE NOTE: We have our own URL we can book under:

Please use this URL instead of calling the hotel to avoid the operator saying “We can’t find your Group” (even though we told them that it could be under COPA, Cirrus Owners, etc. etc. )

Here is the information from the Hotel:

And please also note that subject to availability, the resort will honor the Block Rate three days prior and three days following M16.

Finally, PLEASE ALSO NOTE that we have 1,020 room nights at this rate (approximately 300 three night stays) and that we may not be able to increase our block of rooms. So first come first served.

And again, registering at the Hotel does not register you for the event itself. We hope to have the event registration open early 2Q 2018.

Bill Myers

M16 Chair

What exactly is a “Staff room”? It’s $60 cheaper than regular room. Does this mean servants’ quarters?

Bill, I tried reserving just now, and it only shows the ROH rooms as an option - FYI. Possibly something wrong with their site?


Noticed same thing, only offers ROH as room option. Also, the event says Oct. 11-14, but hotel block is 8-13? Which should we be looking to book?

Thanks- I will call now and see what’s up and will report back.

I will check on why the full room selection is not showing. As to the dates, they have allowed for early arrivals which was a problem last year so we had our block start on the 8th. The event ends on the 14th, so the last night our block rooms are available are on the 13th. However, as noted in my earlier post, they will honor the block rate three days prior and three days following our block dates, subject to hotel availability. While it gets a little confusing, we have 1,020 guaranteed room nights at our block rates between the 8th and the 13th. For three days prior and following those dates they will honor the rate if they have rooms available.

Hope that helps.

This has been fixed:

Our apologies. Please note (and in response to Scott’s question) the Staff rooms are for the volunteers that work all year on Migration. There are only 6 rooms available at that rate and they will not be offered to Membership.

I hope that answers everyones’ questions. The link should now work as was intended. Sorry for the Snafu.

Bill Myers

M16 Chair

Still not working. Only option is ROH as of 1:45 PM PDT today. :frowning:


I just tried the link and it worked fine. You might need to clear your cache.

Worked for me yesterday to reserve a king room.

Cleared cache. Tried with Safari and Firefox. No joy. Maybe it’s an Apple thing?

Check-In date: 10/10/2018
Check-Out date: 10/15/2018

Only room available is a ROH. Really? All the Kings are gone?

So confused… What am I missing?

Figured it out. Indeed, rooms are no longer available for the dates I chose other than the ROH. Impressive!

Our room block is from the 8th-13th. You might want to try calling them to see if you can get a different room for your desired dates

Booked! Worked great!

Yup. Called them with our reservation number and all is now set as we want. Thanks!

Site is not working

I had to call… Group code is GCICOPA

phone is 866-782-9487

Thanks Rick. I have emailed the Hotel to let them know there is a problem. I’ll let everyone know the outcome.

Bill Myers

COPA M16 Chair

Registered all set

Thank you Rick. I just booked by calling. The on line site only showed the suites.