M14 guidebook about to go live!

Later this week, we’ll send information for downloading this year’s Migration guidebook. With the success experienced by CPPP, we decided to use Attendify, as well, and minimize everyone’s learning curve. Our guidebook has been under development for over a month and will be reviewed by the entire M14 Planning Team early this week. After that, I’ll announcement its availability to everyone. So, stay tuned!

BTW you don’t have to attend Migration to download/install a copy. However, I want to warn you in advance that if you aren’t attending Migration, you may wish that you were… [6]


PS - You can always register for Migration at the event, itself!

OK! The guidebook for Migration 14 has been released and is available for the usual array of mobile communication devices. I’ve written a short “how to” guide for using the app, including the download process - ref. attachment. BTW anyone can download and look at M14’s guide; there’s no password. Feel free to share it with your friends so they can see why you joined the best type club on the planet! [Y]

If you have questions, this is a pretty good place to post them. [:D]

Using COPAs Migration Guidebook rev 0a.pdf (407 KB)

Hi Craig,

Cannot find it yet on Guidebook search. Tried multiple ways: COPA, Migration 14, COPA Migration 14, etc…


Jason Erickson

As of tonight (August 30), M13’s stuff is available but nothing on M14. Searched multiple terms.

It is a separate app…click on the download link for your device and there it is…

If you read the attachment in my previous post, you’ll see that the app is not from Guidebook, the company. Rather, it’s from Attendify and is available in Apple’s App Store or from Google Play. Either use the convenient links posted in the aforementioned attachment, or search using “Migration 14”. And, as I mention in the attachment, if you are downloading to an iPad and using the App Store’s search facility, select “iPhone Only” for your search.

People that have attended a CPPP recently will note that CPPP and Migration are now using the same app. This year, Migration adopted the Attendify app to promote commonality and reduce the User learning curve. Of course, the Migration and CPPP event guides have somewhat different internal structures and completely different content. Basically, the Attendify app is a very powerful mechanism that allows organizations to create custom event programs (or guides) using a common toolset. I anticipate that CPPP and Migration will continue to hold this tool in common.


Scott, I appreciate your enthusiasm! I bet you forged ahead and didn’t read my carefully prepared guide for downloading, etc. This year’s electronic event program (a.k.a. guidebook) is from Attendify (not Guidebook) and available directly from the App Store or Google Play. You can use the links I put in the attachment (repeated here for convenience) or just search on “Migration 14”.

The Migration 14 app has actually been in the App Store for a couple of weeks, but I held off announcing it until the content was very nearly complete. (We’re still missing some logos from slow-on-the-draw Exhibitors.) One of the great things about this application is that the Planning Team can update it with additions/corrections, and the installed app on people’s devices simply updates itself automatically the next time it runs - pretty slick!

Using COPAs Migration Guidebook rev 0a.pdf (263 KB)

search using “Migration 14”. And, as I mention in the attachment, if you are downloading to an iPad and using the App Store’s search facility, select “iPhone Only” for your search.

Craig, I downloaded it fine on my iPad. Thanks!

OK found it. Might I suggest you remove the word “guidebook” from this thread title and simply call it “Migration 14 App”

I agree. I use Guidebook for multiple conferences every year, and it certainly read like “Guidebook” was where we should go… :slight_smile:

For all trying to download and use the new app this year, a couple things you might find helpful:

  1. In the app store on iPhone if you search for KitApps it will take you to the generic app
  2. If you download this you will need the Migration app code - which is vq2t0j
  3. Create a profile once you put in that app code and away you go!
  4. Better way to do it - follow Craig’s instructions - opened up on your mobile device in the pdf - and the link he included will take you to the app store and pre-load the Migration 14 event
    Took me a second to understand that we were needing some id’s and the correct app, but it looks good now.

Thanks Craig and team for loading this up with all the information for a great upcoming event.

Hi, Jason! What people may not know is that I asked the M14 Planning Team to read the instructions and then download the app. No one had any problems. But then, they did read the directions. LOL! [:D]

I look forward to seeing everyone at Migration. [Y][H][Y]



Since I’m leaving for M14 tomorrow AM (with a slight detour over to IL on the way), here are a few last minute comments regarding this year’s Migration guidebook:

  • Mark Snead noticed that the website link for the on-line version of the guidebook (used by laptops, etc.) was incorrect. Although I had verified the link prior to posting, somehow it was wrong. So, I have updated the instructions attached to my original post. I’ve also posted attached them to this post, as well.
  • Peter Storer mentioned that portions of the guidebook downloaded very slowly. I encourage everyone to load the guidebook on their devices while still at home! Some of the graphics (e.g., maps) have a lot of pixels. You really don’t want to download the app over a slow link… [:S] And, if you wait until Check-In at M14, you may wind up sharing a limited bandwidth wifi link with lots of other folks! Of course, we will have wifi at both the hotel (IOLS) and the convention center (DECC). So, you can load the app at M14 if you wait. [:P]
  • Any updates done by the Planning Team automatically show up (assuming you have a wifi link) the next time you run the M14 app.
  • Lastly, do allow “push notifications” from the Migration app. It’s how we will alert you to any special happenings at M14!
    That’s it for now. CU at Migration! [H]

Using COPAs Migration Guidebook rev 0a.pdf (407 KB)