Electronic M12 Program Guide - going paperless!

This year (and hopefully in the future if this change is well-received), we’re going to use an electronic Program Guide at M12, replacing the usual printed paper guide. John Ylinen (our hard-working COPA IT Manager) and I have had multiple discussions with Guidebook and selected their product for use at this year’s Migration. Not only will the electronic version provide all of the features of our previous printed versions, it can readily accommodate last minute changes (e.g., seminar changes, new Exhibitors, NOTAMS regarding meetings, time changes, etc.). And, it has a variety of features simply unavailable in a paper medium. The app runs on Apple and Android OSs. So, you can install it on your favorite cell phone or tablet.

Currently, we’re in the process of “populating” our custom M12 “guide”. That process probably won’t be complete until Sept. 1st (or so). At that point, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions to install the free app and load our M12 guide. (If you’ve ever loaded an app on a phone or tablet - even just once - you can do this. [Y])

BTW our M12 electronic Program Guide will be available to every COPA member - whether you’re attending M12 or not! So, stay tuned…


Very cool! May I suggest that even with the guide, there need to be plenty of nice big signs guiding participants to the locations of the various meetings and events.

Youbetcha! That’s on our Action Item list. [:D]