M13 Speaker Evaluations

Valerie and I had a wonderful time at M13. Thanks to all of the volunteers for planning and executing such an outstanding event!

I recall Dennis Haber asking for evaluations but do not see where to enter the input. Please post instructions.


Doug and Valerie


Do you have the guidebook on your phone or tablet?

If so, scroll about halfway down on the left-hand menu and look for an item labeled “Session Feedback.” If you click on this, a form will open into which you can type your feedback.

If not, you could post your feedback to the forum, or send a message to Craig Albright or Tim Valentine.

Thanks Michael, but no joy. I have Guidebook on my IPhone. The left hand side shows three icons; Welcome, Arrival and departure procedures, and FAQs. Ni indication on where to input evaluations. I will send a post to Craig and Tim.

Schedule - select event - scroll down to evaluation

Thanks Rick. Got it now

Interesting… The instructions I gave were on a Samsung Galaxy Note 1.10 running Android 4.4.4. It’s interesting that the apps are so different.

There is this really cool feature called SWIPE LEFT and RIGHT. Doug, you missed about 90% of the information that was in the guidebook for you. Maybe next year.