M13 Arrival / Departure info

Can we update the original post to reflect the change from “Upon landing, you need to get off the runway ASAP , cross the hold short lines, and then call Ground”

To reflect the latest advice “Land Long”

I plan on landing in Little Rock and filling up before my final leg into Addison. I’d hate to be vectored around for an hour and have to start worrying about fuel.

I am based in LIttle Rock and will be leaving early afternoon. Look at 4M3, cheap fuel very close to little rock.

Thanks Jim!

I am pretty sure Al Waterloo will be stopping in Little Rock too so I will see what he wants to do.

My flight plan has me arriving in Little Rock about 14:00 on Wednesday. Are you at 4M3 or KORK?

KLIT, the big airport, also a Cirrus service center. KSUZ is also close and has cheaper fuel. I should be there about the same time.


I would just overfly Arkansas all together and stop in northern Louisiana.

As Jim can confirm, there is no indoor plumbing there! [:D]

Hey now Carlos! Go easy on us.

Wherever you stop, just don’t stop in Mountain Home, KBPK. It’s beautiful up here, however we have the most expensive gas in the state at $6.19. But that’s probably because we have running water and indoor plumbing.

My wife and I are flying down from the Northeast. We’re opting to break up the trip with an overnite stop.

I presented a few options to her. As nice as you all make Arkansas sound, she opted for Memphis. The General DeWitt Spain airport in Memphis advertises $3.97 for 100LL self-serve.

I reckon a 2-hr leg from Memphis to Addison.


I’m having the “land long” comments added to both the registration website & the Guidebook.


Note to self: …when making silly jokes about Arkansas, please remember that ScottB now lives in the sophisticated state of Arkansas and not in Mississippi. Not a good idea to mess with a former marine. Those guys are stealthy. [:D]

Look forward to seeing your guys!

JimP is going to move!

As a dentist, he would probably like to know if there a lot of teeth still left at Mountain Home? [:D]

BTW…I know you guys know I am joking. Love Arkansas!

I am a Bariatric surgeon. Would Mountain Home be a promising place for me to move? (Probably hard to beat Georgia/Alabama border regarding Obesity rate;-)

Mountain home is rated by Outdoor magazines as one of the great places to live in the states. Lots of hiking, fishing and lake stuff all around. Population is generally older in that part of Arkansas. lots of retired yankees up there.

Mountain Home is certainly a retirement community, pulling largely from the Chicago area, but also CA, TX, and FL. The medical and banking industries are two of the strongest in the area due to those retirees. The trout fishing on the White River and the Buffalo River National Park are large tourist draws.

For the folks flying over from the Northeast, perhaps consider landing 35NM southeast of here at Mountain View, 7M2. 4,500’ rwy, $3.90 for SS 100LL, and courtesy car. Blanchard Springs Caverns are nearby and would be a great way to stretch the legs before the last leg into ADS. Jo Jo’s is a great fish restaurant right on the White River. And Mountain View is a lot friendlier and safer than Memphis or even Little Rock. Just offering up another option.

Why Little Rock is the most dangerous city in the U.S. (Jim P. says it is safe though)


Do they have any accommodations near the fishing areas?

There are fishing resorts all along the White River. There is a wide range in the level of amenities. Except for indoor plumbing, none of them have that.

Sounds like a great fall trip! See you at M13. Always welcomed at the bayou!

I’m most likely overnighting in Memphis as well. Currently leaning towards KOLV. It’s not the cheapest in terms of fuel; but it looks like there are plenty of OK places to stay and convenient for a quick overnight.

The 10 day weather forecast on the weather channel is 30% and 40% chance of rain on Wednesday and Thursday in Dallas. Hmmm.