KADS ATC is looking forward to our fly-in!

We’ve posted several times about ATC procedures related to M13. I just thought you might like to “get the memo” … written by Kevin Rauner, Air Traffic Manager at ADS - ref. attachment. (I’ve also included the Airport Diagram with highlighted taxiway turnoffs.) Some brief comments:

  • There’s nothing in the attachment that you particularly need to memorize or engrave on a stone tablet to be carried in your aircraft. I just thought that you might like to see some of the behind-the-scenes communications at Addison. As a result of our conversations with them, they’ve done a lot of planning.
  • Note that the Tower will generally direct us to exit the runway at taxiways “C” or “D” (southly landings) or “J” (northerly landings). (The yellow highlighting is mine.)
  • Please notice the phraseology associated with “landing long”. It’s simply “approved”. If you aren’t comfortable landing long, don’t and just say “unable”.
  • You don’t have to worry about all of the parking procedures specified in the memo - just follow directions. [:D]
  • Sunday departures will require pilots to physically check-in at Million Air (FBO). You’ll get to specify VFR w/ Flight Following, VFR w/o Flight Following, or IFR.
  • I’m just a lowly pilot and don’t know what half of the abbreviations used in the memo actually mean! IMO you don’t need to know either. So, unless one of our ATC brethren wants to chime in, I’m not going to try and find a dictionary of ATC acronyms. [;)]
    They are looking forward to our arrival and have increased staffing appropriately. Let’s give them our best “professional aviator” impersonation. [H]

ADS ATC planning.pdf (2.64 MB)


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Great planning, thank you! With the FSDO there, will Scott & Dennis block their access to the ramp?

We do not anticipate any problems like blown tires or gear up landings from non Cirrus. Having FSDO onsite will allow us to clear the runway sooner instead of waiting hours for FSDO to arrive from Ft Worth etc.

When their services are not being utilized we will have free doughnuts in the Million air home theatre and we will be playing Disney’s Planes on a continuous loop and asking them to name the FAA regulations being violated by Dusty and the crew to keep them occupied. :slight_smile:

I landed at KADS this afternoon during a thunderstorm. The Millionaire staff was outstanding. I alway tip the ground crew, but there were so many of them trying to keep me dry that I didn’t have enough cash for all of them.

I flew in on Tuesday night - great crew at Million Air. And, from what I heard about their planning, they are ready for the onslaught tomorrow! Tonight, they loaned us a15-pax van (that they rented specifically for M13) so that the Migration Team could enjoy a great dinner at Cantina Laredo. IMO the service has been exceptional thus far!