M13 route and arrival STARS

Hi All,

Migration is only a few short weeks away and Andy Niemyer and I were discussing routes today (we both live in Minnesota).

For myself, leaving from KFCM (Flying Cloud airport next to Minneapolis St. Paul), I have planned:

Leg 1 - KFCM - KTOP (Topeka, KS)


Note that the section from MLC - FINGR is the Finger Five arrival into KADS. Finger Five is the recommended route if coming from the NE.

Topeka was a good stopping point for me as it has a tower, many runways and approaches, fuel, fbo’s, hotels etc… Also it’s not busy…A good choice for halfway and directly in line for my route all the way to KADS.

One important note - ALL of the STARS listed are VERY busy to look at. Please take a few minutes now to review the STAR you are going to use and trace out your expected or planned filing route. Once you see the points you will be using, the busy STAR becomes much more clear and easier to use.

Just food for thought.


Hi, Andy!

For the heck of it, I took a look at your routing - sure looked good to me! And, I see what you meant about the STAR. At first glance, the graphic appeared very busy! Whew. After a few moments, I realized that all of the routes simply lead to FINGR - duh! After that, you’ll probably be given vectors to the approach de jour.

Living in the southwest (Phoenix area), most of my flying is in VMC - clear & a million. So, I haven’t decided whether I’ll just use Flight Following or actually file an IFR flight plan. I may do both since I intend to stop for fuel along the way - VFR on my first leg and IFR on the second one. Don’t know yet.

See you at Migration!

Blue skies,


PS - Our flight to Michigan from Churchill was nearly all IMC. I got more “actual” on COPA’s Churchill adventure than I have in the last five years put together!

I have flown in to Addison over a hundred times, all most all VFR.

It is ridiculously easy - just call up approach 124.3 when you are 15 miles out. Pick up the weather before on 133.4 and use it in your call up. They will give you a squawk code and usually “fly straight in”. Just stay under Bravo at 2500’ (north of the Lake Lewisville dam).

If you see the runway before approach switches you to the tower, call them and tell them the field is in sight. That will get you a hand off to the tower. Many times you will have to follow (slow) traffic in. Be prepared to slow down.

This works if arriving from the west, north or east. If coming from the south, you can fly around the Bravo on the east side.

It is an easy airport.

Hi Paul,

While I appreciate your report for normal everyday VFR arrivals into KADS, please be advised that due to the high number of arriving Cirrus aircraft (approximately 150 planes), TRACON, the FAA, Addison tower etc…have all advised to NOT do this “pop-up 15 miles away” type of arrival.

As published in the Guidebook for M13 (and on the M13 registration web site) there are specific instructions everyone should follow. I will repeat them below for the sake of this post:

VFR Arrivals

TRACON mentioned that due to the complexity and increased amount of traffic in the vicinity of KADS, they were concerned with unstructured VFR arrivals. During peak periods of arrival traffic, expect to be vectored around the lateral boundaries or under Class B airspace. More direct routes will be accommodated whenever safely feasible. Because TRACON establishes the sequence to KADS for all arrivals, it is advisable to call TRACON inbound as soon as possible or when ZFW (Ft. Worth Center) advises to do so, to avoid unnecessary delays and excessive vectors.

All VFR flights should be on Flight Following and talking with ATC. ATC would prefer this rather than just operating on an ordinary VFR flight plan. If you do file a VFR flight plan, that does not mean arrive at KADS unannounced. Do not come in unannounced!. They will provide specific, suggested routings for arrival traffic and specific reporting points along those routes. TRACON advised that in addition to IFR arrivals, all VFR arrivals will be sequenced to KADS by TRACON. Please do not call KADS Tower directly.


For everyone flying into KADS for Migration (regardless if on an IFR or VFR flight plan), PLEASE review the instructions in the Guidebook or on the registration web site.



Ok I get it.

But there are flight schools at Addison that will be doing this exact routine (pop up calls to approach). The average daily traffic into Addison is 267 planes. Back when I was training there, it was as high as 400+ a day. 150 planes arriving through out the day would not be over whelming (compared to the past).

I have flown into Addison IFR on a STAR (from Oklahoma), and it added 30 minutes to the flight. And it was not even busy.

Just FYI. I would get flight following before getting to the DFW airspace.