M12 Wed night (10/8) hotel meet-up; 7:30PM

I am arriving at M12 Wed afternoon, and would love to meet up with other early-arrivers for a brew on Wed evening. Since half of the attendees this year are first-timers, this also would be a good time to match up names and faces.

Please join me wed (10/8) around 7:30PM in the hotel bar, (I’ll see if I can recruit Rick Beach, since I think he is flying in with me on Wednesday). I can’t stay too late, since I’m flight instructing at 8AM on Thursday, but I will buy the first round for anyone who shows up.

Call my cell phone (below) if you have trouble finding us.


I’m in. See you there!

John, since Green Valley Ranch is a BIG place, I just sent a text to Kara DiPietro @ GVR asking her for a suggestion. [;)] As soon as I hear anything, I’ll post it.


OK! Kara has already responded to my text. She suggests meeting in the Lobby Bar. They open every day at 5:00 p.m. [Y][B]


My wife Anne and I are newbies. Looking forward to joining you. Thanks for the invite. Matt

If all goes well with either Plan “A”, “B” or “C”, look forward to seeing everyone there. I might even dig out my old “Migration Staff” red polo shirt for the occasion!

Be safe and have fun,

Perfect! Thank you, Craig! The Lobby Bar it is.

I’m flying Rick Beach in that evening, and we might be just a couple of minutes late. But I definitely will be there, and my offer of first round drinks still stands. Can’t wait to see everyone, and meet the first-timers at M12. big smile.


Just a reminder that I, along with some new and old M12 hangar flying buddies will be meeting up at the Lobby Bar, Wed evening at 7:30PM.

Migrations can be a bit overwhelming if this is your first time, and getting an early start on making a few new friends will make the entire event a lot more fun. Look for me at the bar, I’ll be wearing a black shirt, and after one drink, who knows what else.

Text or call my cell phone below if you need directions in the hotel. Looking forward to getting together with other early arrivers.


PS. Since I am flight instructing early the next morning, I probably will head to the pilot sleep room around 9PM, but the party should be going strong by then.

John looks like I’m not going to make it to migration this year. Having some radio issues in my plane. Decided to head home. Appreciate the invite. Maybe next year. Matt

count me in .

Peter Burnie


We missed you. Safe flights!

This was a great idea, John! Thanks for putting this mini-event together, and thanks for the drink!