M12: "funneling" into Henderson from the East (long ... very long)

Dave, I’m glad you think it was useful. [:)] I bet there will be folks from your region headed the same direction! Maybe you can form a loosely grouped “gaggle” of folks flying the same routing. It gives you someone to chat with while en-route.



Excellent detail. I am storing those routes in ForeFlight along with your notes. I won’t be at M12 this year, but maybe the next.

Thanks for the very useful information for us “East Coast” flyers.

-Brian Burton

Brian, sorry that you won’t be joining us this year - hopefully M13 will be the magic number! [:D]


My wife and I are planning on going from Colorado. Anyone that wants to meet up is more than welcome to contact us. We currently have 3 planes planning on going with us, I believe.