M12 Question

Maybe someone can help point me in the right direction (no pun intended) My wife and would like to attend the M12. We fly out of CYSN (Niagara-on-the-lake). We would clear customs in Buffalo first then continue on. Has anyone ever flown from Buffalo to Nevada in a SR22 and where would you stop along the way for fuel? I fly an 04 SR22 NA.




That is a great question. I bet there will be some great suggestions. Just for your info. Right now there are 15 other folks coming from the NE area that are flying. So they have the same questions.

Also our Governors are working to try and put some STOP POINTS and OVERNIGHTS together for us to gang together on the trip. Governors should be posting more info soon.

And, to follow up on John’s response, there is a previous post that I made regarding “funneling into Las Vegas from the East”. Basically, I identified three paths for flying around the higher terrain that is east (e.g., Rocky Mountains!) of our M12 destination. However, since there are a zillion ways to get to those three possible paths, I didn’t suggest any particular routing over the flatlands… [;)] Like John suggested, why not contact the Regional Governor for your region and see what’s cookin’?


I did that flight last year…
Wright Brothers field in Ohio is a good 1st stop.
If you budget an extra vacation day, you should go to Page Ut. And see the canyons by rental speed boat .
Thousands of fuel stops between and air Nav will have the best pricing.

Here’s a pic of the boat we rented . Awesome

John…Thank you. It would be fun to fly along with others as part of a team. My days are flexible. We plan on taking a few extra days. I flew from the NE to South Florida but never to the SW.

If anyone care to post any other info, that would be great.