M12 "extras":  Owner Maintenance & "Rust Removal" Instructional Flights

Although these two activities are listed on the registration website, I wanted to create a quick post, providing a little more description. These activities will be on Thursday (10/9), starting at 1700Z (10:00 AM local) and finishing around 5:00 PM - plenty of time to attend COPA Cabana back at GVR:

  • Owner Maintenance - If the idea of removing the cowling gives you the heebie-jeebies or you’re just looking for a better way to avoid making a mess while changing the oil, consider attending Roger Whittier’s class. I know that Roger plans to bring his borescope. So, this class will have something for everyone. There will be both a classroom session and time out in the hangar – Roger is currently working on the details. If you know Roger, you know it will be worthwhile.
  • Rust-Removal Instruction - Is there something in particular you’ve been meaning to work on? Or, maybe you’d simply like an hour (or more) with an instructor who specializes in Cirrus aircraft. Why not participate in our Rust-Removal option and book a little time with a CSIP? Jerry Seckler is managing our rust-removal opportunity and coordinating with Trip Taylor to arrange instructors.
    Of course, these activities start mid-morning. So, unless you’re local, you will probably want to arrive on Wednesday. GVR has extended our hotel rates to bracket our “core” Migration dates. So, arriving early or extending slightly shouldn’t be a problem. However, our contract is explicitly for the evenings of 10/9-10/11, and October is one of their busiest times. So, I suggest that you make GVR reservations soon if you plan to arrive on Wednesday rather than the more traditional Thursday.

Since Thursday is our traditional arrival day, and COPA provides bus transportation between KHND and GVR - transportation isn’t an issue for anyone attending these classes. [:D]