Looking to buy from for sale by owner and finance by owner (SR20 or SR22)

If you have a Cirrus SR-20 or Cirrus SR-22 and are willing to sell it for sale by owner (and finance by owner), please let me know. Thanks

I know this is off topic but what is the difference between 6 point engine mount and standard. And don’t say 2 !! Is there a difference in the vibration , etc ?

Well it is two but here is the back story. The original SR22 had a 4 point mount. The means it had rubber isolator vibration mounts in 4 corners of the engine. The continental engine has the provision for 6 isolation mounts, two additional in the front of the engine. It adds 6 pounds to the plane but does a better job of smoothing the engine vibrations. It is a desirable option for some. Some planes vibrate more than others. Many owners with 4 point mounts are quite happy. Depends on the plane and the owners expectations.