2003 sr22 question

I am looking to buy a sr22 and I have noticed that some of the older sr22 planes do not have the 6 point engine mount, how big of a difference does this make?

From reading this forum since 2001, I can tell you that the answer is “it depends.”
Some owners with the 4-point mount have stated it is perfectly OK. Others found vibration levels with the 4-point objectionable, and have reported markedly improved smoothness after changing to the 6-point mount. In the end, it looks like different planes have different vibration levels and different owners have different sensitivity to vibration.

The best advice is to test ride the SR22 you are considering. If it is OK for you, take the bargain and enjoy. If it is too buzzy for your taste, factor in the cost of the 6-point mount change into your offer, or look elsewhere.

I have a early 22 that had a 4 point mount. At the time I did not find it objectionable. Later after flying some new ones and noticing the somoothness I had mine converted. It is smoother. Was it worth 10 grad? Not sure it was. I agree with James advice, fly it - negotiate a reduction in price and if your happy fly it. If later you want to convert it your not out anything. Good luck.

I just sold a 2003 SR 22 with 3 point mount. Currently I have an 06 w/6 point mount. I can tell little or no difference.

Cirrus started using the 6-point mount during the first half of 2004, and before then on the Centennials. Mine was built in May '03. It didn’t have excessive vibration so much as an up-and-down oscillation. I was an early adopter of the 6-point upgrade, which at that time cost about $6K all in. The new mount cured the vertical shake and dampened overall vibration a bit. I wouldn’t have done it just for the vibration, but the shake could have eventually broken something.

I have a 2003 SR22 #478 with 4 point. We are quite happy with the smoothness. We have been told by Cirrus instructors that it is quite smooth. That being said, we may consider upgrading to 6 point when time for overhaul. It’s just not worth the $10,000 to us. TT currently 1440hrs and running great.

There is another “passenger” that should be considered when contemplating converting to the 6-point mount: your avionics! Vibration is not compatible with long-term health of circuitry and, especially, connections. My previous Cirrus was a 2003 with the 4-point mount and I converted to the 6-point as soon is it became available. Yes, it was less then (about $6K IIRC), but even at a higher cost you may save a considerable portion in avionics repairs.

Are there any aftermarket suppliers for a 6 mount? Or is a factory order only??

At one time, Jim Barker had one. Might wanna give him a shout.