Looking for N858CD - Parked in Wesport, ON, Canada

I am looking for the owner of N858CD, which is currently parked in Wesport, Ontario, canada.
Thanks for the help!

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A mystery!
N858CD.pdf (64.2 KB)

Erik, is N858CD still parked at the Rideau Lakes Flying Club near Westport?

I’m the former owner who ran off the runway and damaged the plane. The insurance company sold the plane and I went on with my other aviation pursuits.

Interestingly, I’ll be back in the Westport area next week and plan to help out with the Flying Club next weekend during their work party.

I wondered if the plane was still there. Wonder why it hasn’t been moved? The Flying Club knew the salvage company who bought it and took parts away.

My records indicate that Wentworth Aircraft bought it from the insurance company. Hope they have been paying tie-down fees at a minimum! :wink:


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Thanks for your reply. The flying club was my next try, I am not with the club but good bunch.

I just remember that flying breakfast when the plane got damaged, was wondering what was happening. Someone took the motor and thé garmin avionics, otherwise plane is intact.

Will call wentworth on Monday! Good to hear you persued your aviation interest. Perhaps in a newer model :wink: will let you know.

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Ha! Intact but determined by Cirrus engineering to be unrepairable. The last several feet of the left wing spar is shredded!

Last time I saw it (2 years ago now), some thoughtful person had placed white plastic tape over the wing tip - nice camouflage trick!


BTW, here is the rest of the story…



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Hey Rick,

The link to your write-up in the other thread doesn’t work any longer. Are you able to provide another source for your article?


Page 40 of the November/December 2018 issue of COPA Pilot.


Here’s an excerpt of just my article “That Sounds Expensive / It happened to me, Could it happen to you?”:
2018-08-ND18COPA=That Sounds Expensive extract.pdf|attachment (4.7 MB)


N858CD was there last weekend at CRL2 “Westport” We parked beside the hull for the memorial day weekend 2022.

Hope you guys took pictures. I am still trying to understand what it is doing there. It has been sold, or maybe it’s part of Westport Airport Landscaping!

No engine, fabric covers over the wings and the cockpit cover. In fact it has a 50 lb bag of potting soil in the engine compartment to keep it off the tail.

Coincidentally, that same Lance landed 90 minutes after the mishap in 2018. I had driven to CRL2 from my cabin to pick up my friend who was flying in. He landed, and asked what the story was with the Cirrus in the trees. I couldn’t see it from where I was parked in the car. Of course we had to go take a closer look. I’m so glad you all were not injured.

I guess I should have replied to Rick, not Erik on this message.

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