First Cirrus Help!

am currently a bonanza F33A owner, but looking to move into an sr22g2. Wanted some guidance as to AD’s and other things to be wary of. Am looking for 2005 or newer, but not too much newer as my wallet is only so thick and I have to trade or sell the bonanza. Part of the reason for the change is the newer and better avionics in the Cirrus. I expect that the overall performance will be close in terms of tasand useful load. My typical mission is just to fly for pleasure as often as I can. I do not need the plane for work nor do I have the time for long country journeys though I would like to go to fun N sun or osh kosh. My daughter will be attending college of of state and hopefully that will give me a reason to fly more. Any guidance would be appreciated. My only other alternatives to the Sr22 are the Columbia 350 or keeping the bo and adding some avionics. Thanks for your consideration in answering.

There have not been a lot of AD’s on the entire Cirrus line. A few of course, nothing scary. OTOH Cirrus issues quite a few service bulletins. Review the SB list. Since SB’s are optional it is worth looking at that list and deciding which ones are of value to you and verifying they have been done. It is easy to get a list. Cirrus has a search function on their website by SN and then you can see what has been done.



Hi Bruce!

I was doing some work on COPA and was just about to log off when I saw your post. I only have a moment so this will be the readers digest version!

2004 or 2005 are good choice and have good value. Either will have the Avidyne PFD and MFD which work great. In that era there are a lot of planes that are not WAAS. No big deal, just nice to know.

As Roger said, there are quite a few SBs but not too many ADs. There is a good chance that all will be complete. Be sure to have a pre purchase inspection done by a reputable Cirrus shop - NOT the one that currently maintains the plane. I recommend using to Savvy to manage the pre-purchase inspection. Worth the extra $700.

"Nice to have"s (but not required) include:

TKS (inadvertent Ice protection - not certified for flight into known ice)


DFC-90 Auto Pilot

ADS-b compliant

I hope that helps a little.

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